Friday, 23 February 2018

human knot!

3. Start writing here:Who will play in the human knock and I was so fun though we have to tangle you up us so we can try and get out and Django Street Leicester train loopy loop up I Self and try to get out so we can go straight I'm all finished and then we go again and then until .Everywhere two classes start to write a story and that's how we played the human Ark

Friday, 16 February 2018


Start Writing here: it look like a t And it was Tagging  Honda pilot there was a footpath that looks like mud pie and there was heaps of taking all over the pipe  And there was rubbish or never the grass and it looks like even the mud park there was so cool

Friday, 9 February 2018


You may want to begin writing here, rather than into the boxes above:Respect your company means that you have to help them and keep them safe. respect they are everyday not broken. Respect the school needs help the children that are sad and hurt.Respect your friends means that you have to help them when they need something and try not to shoot him just to help him. Respect your teacher means they have to listen and do your work like your writing reading.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Choose It Narrative

My Cactus is mr morna and mj and mj is the Superhero and Mr Manners the bad guy and hey is Trying to stop me to saving that pain Because my friend is going to blow it up And Mr Moran is the Joker Undertaker is trying to blow up the aeroplane And the superhero is trying to save the pain.

So mr moran is Fighting the superhero And this amandas trying to stop me from saving that aeroplane Once when I dropped a smoke bomb I went away and to see if the Elephant Mister Maker and replace fridge a snakebite onto the ground at 51st if you buy them to me and get it landed on the airplane and then I got it off to see if the people and get a lift up the aeroplane and Soccer away from the bad guy so he doesn't explode it .